ASYCUDA User Countries, Territories and Regions

The system has been installed or is being implemented in over 90 countries, territories and regions.

For more information on individual customs administrations in which ASYCUDA has been deployed, select from the list below.  You may also view the customs administrations in a particular region by selecting from the drop-down menu or clicking on the map.

  Benin ++ Botswana ++ Burkina Faso (W) Burundi (W) Cameroon (W)
  Cape Verde (W) Central African Republic ++ Chad ++ Comoros ++ Congo (W)
  Cote d┤Ivoire (W) Democratic Republic of the Congo (W) Djibouti (W) Eritrea ++ Ethiopia ++
  Gabon ++ Gambia ++ Guinea (W) Guinea-Bissau ++ Lesotho (W)
  Liberia (W) Libya (W) Madagascar ++ Malawi ++ Mali (W)
  Mauritania ++ Namibia (W) Niger ++ Nigeria ++ Rwanda (W)
  Sao Tome and Principe (W) Seychelles (W) Sierra Leone ++ Sudan (W) Swaziland ++
  Tanzania ++ Togo ++ Tunisia (W) Uganda (W) Zambia (W)
  Zimbabwe (W)

          1 - British Overseas Territories
          2 - Kingdom of Netherlands Overseas Territories
          3 - French Overseas Territories
          4 - Non-UN Member State
          5 - Administered by UNMIK