The ASYCUDA Broker Module

A broker can connect to the ASYCUDA system using the modbrk module. This module offers a subset of the functionality of the Customs branch module modcbr. It is extended with security features that guarantee that a broker can not access confidential data.

The module will essentially allow the broker to

  • store declarations on the customs server
  • check the data of the declaration against the customs database
  • register and assess declarations
  • query the customs database and monitor the status of declarations (selectivity, accounting)
  • exchange electronic mail with the customs office through EasyTalk

Connection to the ASYCUDA server

When is a connection to the server necessary?

A broker can use modbrk without a server connection to capture declarations and to check the validity of declarations against the local database. A broker can capture several declarations on his computer and prepare them for registration once the computer is connected to the server.

A server connection is necessary when the broker needs to accesses the integrated data on the server, i.e. for the registration and assessment of declarations and to query the database.

This implies that only very big broker offices will require a permanent connection to the server. In most cases the broker module will be operated in an off line mode where the client is not connected to the ASYCUDA database. There will be only sporadic connections to the databases when locally captured data is transmitted or when central data is queried.

How much data will be transferred?

When connecting to the server, the client will receive only the modifications which have been done to the reference tables and national configuration, since its last login.

The actual amount of data that is exchanged between the customs office and the broker depends on the individual circumstances in both offices and may vary greatly.

What are the requirements to run the Broker module?

The Broker module requires the normal hardware and software for ASYCUDA clients. If the Broker connects to the customs network by dial up then he needs a modem instead of a network card.