ASYCUDA++ Compatible Platforms

Technical and functional port

A port to a new platform is usually done in two phases. In the first phase (technical port) the software is compiled on the target platform and the basic functionality of the program is tested. This comprises mainly the test of the network access and inter process communication.
In the second phase (functional port) the complete functionality of the ASYCUDA software is tested on the target platform.
For both ports a porting certificate is issued.

Hardware Platforms and Operating Systems

The following is a list of target platforms to which ports are available. If not mentioned otherwise a functional porting certification has been issued.

Intel Platforms
Processor  Intel Pentium 
OS  SCO UNIXWARE 7.0.1/7.1.0/7.1.1
RDBMS   Informix Online 7.3 or Oracle 8i (up to 8.1.7)
Processor Intel Pentium 
RDBMS   Informix Online 7.2 or Oracle 7.3
Processor Intel Pentium
OS  SunOS 2.6 (Solaris for Intel)
RDBMS  Informix Online 5.0.8
Processor Intel Pentium 
OS Linux (Slackware 2.2.6)
RDBMS Informix SE 7.2.3
System  RISC/6000
OS AIX 4.3 
RDBMS Informix 7.2
System RISC/6000
OS AIX 4.3.3
RDBMS Oracle 8.0.6
System RISC/6000
OS  AIX 4.3.3
RDBMS Oracle 8.1.7
System HP
OS HP-UX 11.x (U)
RDBMS Oracle 9.0.1
Compaq Tru64
System Dec/Compaq
RDBMS Oracle 9.0.2
Sparc Solaris 8
System Sparc 
OS  Sun Solaris 8
RDBMS Informix 7.3