Customs Emblem not available Flag of Bolivia
General information :
Capital city :
Population (date) :
GDP per capita (date) : 
La Paz (seat of government); Sucre (legal capital and seat of judiciary)
USD 3,000
Country Code :
Languages :
Alpha: BO, Num: 068
Spanish (official), Quechua (official), Aymara (official)
Major imports : capital goods, raw materials and semi-manufactures, chemicals, petroleum, food
Major exports : soybeans, natural gas, zinc, gold, wood
Trade agreement membership(s) :
Fiscal year : calendar year
Monetary Unit :
boliviano ($B) = 100 centavos
ASYCUDA Project :
Title : Apoyo a la Implementacion del SIDUNEA++
Funding sources : Inter-American Development Bank
Start date :
Duration :
May 2000
Open, Open
Project Number
BOL/00/002, XY-BOL/99/006
Technical details :
ASYCUDA platform :
SIDUNEA++, Unixware/Linux, Oracle
Additional Project Info :
The Bolivian SIDUNEA project is under the PRISMA project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.
Photos :

ASYCUDA++ Technical Training 29/05/2000 - 2/06/2000

ASYCUDA++ Functional Training 4/06/2000 - 9/06/2000