Customs Emblem Flag of Gibraltar
General information :
Capital city :
Population (date) :
GDP per capita (date) : 
29,034 (July 2012 est.)
USD 43,000 (2009 est.)
Country Code :
Languages :
Alpha: GI, Num: 292
English (used in schools and for official purposes), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian
Major imports : fuels, manufactured goods, and foodstuffs
Major exports : (principally reexports) petroleum 51%, manufactured goods 41%, other 8%
Trade agreement membership(s) :
Fiscal year : 1 July - 30 June
Monetary Unit :
1 Gibraltar pound = 100 pence
ASYCUDA Project :
Title : Upgrading of ASYCUDA Ver. 2.7 in H.M. Customs Department to ASYCUDAWorld (AW)
Funding sources : Government
Start date :
Duration :
November 2010
March 2014
Project Number
Technical details :
ASYCUDA platform :
ASYCUDA World 4.2 (with national developments); OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.5; RDBMS: MySQL Server Ver. 5.0.77
Additional Project Info :
The ASYCUDA system has been in use in the H.M. Customs Department since 1996 without interruption. The ASYCUDAWorld (AW) is now operational.

In the framework of the m-Government Programme, UNCTAD provides technical assistance and support for data harmonization, document simplification, business process reengineering and implementation of a series of Single Window components, e.g. full electronic payments, electronic trade licenses, paperless environment for all cross-border-regulatory agencies etc.
The following components are operational:
- e-CPS (Crew Passengers Stores) for pre-arrival notification of vessels (Border Guards, Customs Department, Port Authority, marinas);
- Online Registration of AW Users.

Additional info:
H.M. Customs Department Gibraltar - ASYCUDA Portal
Gibraltar government website

Photos :

H. M. Customs Department Gibraltar - ASYCUDA Portal

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