Customs Emblem Flag of Macedonia
General information :
Capital city :
Population (date) :
GDP per capita (date) : 
USD 3,800
Country Code :
Languages :
Alpha: MK, Num: 807
Macedonian 70%, Albanian 21%, Turkish 3%, Serbo-Croatian 3%, other 3%
Major imports : machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels; food products
Major exports : food, beverages, tobacco; miscellaneous manufactures, iron and steel
Trade agreement membership(s) : Slovenia
Fiscal year : calendar year
Monetary Unit :
1 Macedonian denar (MKD) = 100 deni
ASYCUDA Project :
Title :
Funding sources :
Start date :
Duration :

Project Number

Technical details :
ASYCUDA platform :
ASYCUDA++, AIX 4.2, 4.3, Informix 7.X, Unixware 2.1
Additional Project Info :
ASYCUDA is implemented at national level:
- the Customs Headquarters, in Skopje
- 5 Regional Customs Directorates, i.e. Skopje, Bitola, Gevgelija, Kumanovo and Stip
- more than 30 subordinated Customs Offices and Border Posts (see also ASYCUDA Implementation Map)

ASYCUDA is fully operational in all these locations:
- 100% of the declarations are processed through ASYCUDA
- 100% DTI (Direct Trade Input)
- updates of reference data (tariff etc) are automatically replicated from the Customs Headquarters to all operational sites (Regional Directorates, Customs Offices and Border Posts)
- all customs regimes, including transit and warehousing, are operational
- all customs customs declarations are automatically consolidated into the Customs Headquarters' database.

Additional documents and information:
- Customs Administration Headquarters (March 2006)

- ASYCUDA Implementation Map, October 2005
Customs Website