Customs Emblem not available Flag of Uganda
General information :
Capital city :
Population (date) :
GDP per capita (date) : 
USD 1,060
Country Code :
Languages :
Alpha: UG, Num: 800
English,Ganda or Luganda , other Niger-Congo languages, Nilo-Saharan languages, Swahili, Arabic
Major imports : vehicles, petroleum, medical supplies; cereals
Major exports : coffee, fish and fish products, tea; electrical products, iron and steel
Trade agreement membership(s) :
Fiscal year : 1 July - 30 June
Monetary Unit :
1 Ugandan shilling (USh) = 100 cents
ASYCUDA Project :
Title : Migration to AsycudaWorld
Funding sources : Gvt
Start date :
Duration :
October 2001
1 year
Project Number
Technical details :
ASYCUDA platform :
Additional Project Info :
A week Installation course in November 2001 and a three week Functional course in February 2002 were undertaken by UNCTAD experts. Two international experts (IT and Customs) are currently working in Kampala up until April 2002. Mr Ronald Musoke is the National Project Manager, Ms Allen Kagina, Commissioner of Customs is the National Project Director.