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Commodities with Chapter Code: 09

Commodity Code Description
Section 02 : Vegetable products
   Chapter 09 : Coffee, tea, mate and spices
     Heading 0901 : Coffee; coffee husks and skins; coffee substitutes containing coffee in any proportion
090111 Coffee, not roasted or decaffeinated
090112 Decaffeinated coffee, not roasted
090121 Roasted coffee, not decaffeinated
090122 Roasted, decaffeinated coffee
090190 Coffee husks and skins,coffee substitutes containing coffee
     Heading 0902 : Tea
090210 Green tea,whether or not flavoured, in immediate packings
090220 Green tea,whether or not flavoured, nes
090230 Black tea(fermented) & partly fermented,whether or not flavoured,in packings of <=3kg
090240 Black tea(fermented) and partly fermented,whether or not flavoured,in packings of >3kg
     Heading 0903 : MatÚ
090300 Mat*
     Heading 0904 : Pepper of the genus Piper; dried or crushed or ground fruit of the genus Capsicum or of the genus Pimenta
090411 Dried pepper (excl. crushed or ground)
090412 Pepper, crushed or ground
090420 Fruits of genus capsicum or pimenta, dried, crushed or ground
     Heading 0905 : Vanilla
090500 Vanilla
     Heading 0906 : Cinnamon and cinnamon-tree flowers
090610 Cinnamon and cinnamon-tree flowers, neither crushed and ground
090620 Cinnamon and cinnamon-tree flowers, crushed or ground
     Heading 0907 : Cloves (whole fruit, cloves and stems)
090700 Cloves (whole fruit, cloves and stems)
     Heading 0908 : Nutmeg, mace and cardamoms
090810 Nutmeg
090820 Mace
090830 Cardamoms
     Heading 0909 : Seeds of anise, badian, fennel, coriander, cumin or caraway; juniper berries
090910 Seeds of anise or badian
090920 Seeds of coriander
090930 Seeds of cumin
090940 Seeds of caraway
090950 Seeds of fennel; juniper berries
     Heading 0910 : Ginger, saffron, turmeric (curcuma), thyme, bay leaves, curry and other spices
091010 Ginger
091020 Saffron
091030 Turmeric (curcuma)
091040 Thyme, bay leaves
091050 Curry
091091 Spice mixtures
091099 Other spices, nes