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Commodities with Chapter Code: 11

Commodity Code Description
Section 02 : Vegetable products
   Chapter 11 : Products of the milling industry; malt; starches; inulin; wheat gluten
     Heading 1101 : Wheat or meslin flour
110100 Wheat or meslin flour
     Heading 1102 : Cereal flours, (excl. wheat or meslin)
110210 Rye flour
110220 Maize (corn) flour
110230 Rice flour
110290 Other cereal flour, nes
     Heading 1103 : Cereal groats, meal and pellets
110311 Groats andmeal of wheat
110312 Groats and meal of oats
110313 Groats and meal of maize (corn)
110314 Groats and meal of rice
110319 Groats and meal of other cereals, nes
110321 Wheat pellets
110329 Pellets of other cereals (excl. wheat)
     Heading 1104 : Cereal grains otherwise worked, except rice of heading 1006; germ of cereals
110411 Rolled or flaked barley grains
110412 Rolled or flaked oat grains
110419 Rolled or flaked grains of other cereals, nes
110421 Other worked grains of barley, nes
110422 Other worked grains of oats, nes
110423 Other worked grains of maize (corn), nes
110429 Other worked grains of other cereals, nes
110430 Cereal germ, whole, rolled, flaked or ground
     Heading 1105 : Flour, meal, powder, flakes, granules and pellets of potatoes
110510 Potato flour, meal and powder.
110520 Potato flakes, granules and pellets
     Heading 1106 : Flour, meal and powder of dried leguminous vegetables of heading 0713; of sago or of roots or of tubers of heading 0714 or of products of chapter 8
110610 Flour, meal and powder of the dried leguminous vegetables of 0713
110620 Flour, meal and powder of sago or of roots or tubers of 0714
110630 Flour, meal and powder of products of chapter 8
     Heading 1107 : Malt
110710 Malt not roasted
110720 Roasted malt
     Heading 1108 : Starches and inulin
110811 Wheat starch
110812 Maize (corn) starch
110813 Potato starch
110814 Manioc (cassava) starch
110819 Other starches, nes
110820 Inulin
     Heading 1109 : Wheat gluten
110900 Wheat gluten