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Commodities with Chapter Code: 30

Commodity Code Description
Section 06 : Products of the chemical or allied
   Chapter 30 : Pharmaceutical products
     Heading 3001 : Glands, etc, dried; extracts of glands, etc; heparin and its salts; etc
300110 Glands and other organs, dried
300120 Extracts of glands or other organs or of their secretions
300190 Substances of human or animal origin,for prophylactic uses, nes
     Heading 3002 : Human blood; animal blood; antisera, etc; vaccines, toxins, etc
300210 Antisera and other blood fractions and modified immunological products
300220 Vaccines for human medicine
300230 Vaccines for veterinary medicine
300290 Human and animal blood; microbial cultures; toxins, etc, nes
     Heading 3003 : Medicaments with >=2 constituents mixed together, not for retail sale
300310 Medicaments ofpenicillins... or streptomycins..., not for retail sale
300320 Medicaments of other antibiotics, not for retail sale
300331 Medicaments of insulin, not for retail sale
300339 Medicaments of other hormones, not for retail sale, nes
300340 Medicaments of alkaloids or derivatives thereof, not for retail sale
300390 Other medicaments with >=2 constituents, not for retail sale, nes
     Heading 3004 : Medicaments of mixed or unmixed products, for retail sale
300410 Medicaments of penicillins... or streptomycins..., for retail sale
300420 Medicaments of other antibiotics, for retail sale
300431 Medicaments of insulin, for retail sale
300432 Medicaments containing adrenal cortical hormones, for retail sale
300439 Medicaments of other hormones, for retail sale, nes
300440 Medicaments of alkaloids or derivatives thereof, for retail sale
300450 Other medicaments of vitamins or other products of 29.36 for retail sale
300490 Other medicaments of mixed or unmixed products, for retail sale, nes
     Heading 3005 : Wadding, gauze, etc with pharmaceutical substances or for retail sale
300510 Adhesive dressings..., for medical... purposes
300590 Wadding, gauze, etc with pharmaceutical substances for retail sale, nes
     Heading 3006 : Pharmaceutical goods specified in note 3 to this chapter
300610 Materials for surgical sutures; laminaria ; absorbable haemostatics
300620 Blood-grouping reagents
300630 Opacifying preparations for x-ray examinations; diagnostic reagents...
300640 Dental cements and other dental fillings; bone reconstruction cements
300650 First-aid boxes and kits
300660 Chemical contraceptive preparations based on hormones or spermicides