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Commodities with Chapter Code: 75

Commodity Code Description
Section 15 : Base metals and articles of base metal
   Chapter 75 : Nickel and articles thereof
     Heading 7501 : Nickel mattes, oxide sinters and other products of nickel metallurgy
750110 Nickel mattes
750120 Nickel oxide sinters and other products of nickel metallurgy
     Heading 7502 : Unwrought nickel
750210 Unwrought nickel, not alloyed
750220 Unwrought nickel alloys
     Heading 7503 : Nickel waste and scrap
750300 Nickel waste and scrap
     Heading 7504 : Nickel powders and flakes
750400 Nickel powders and flakes
     Heading 7505 : Nickel bars, rods, profiles and wire
750511 Bars, rods and profiles of nickel, not alloyed
750512 Bars, rods and profiles, of nickel alloys
750521 Wire of nickel, not alloyed
750522 Wire of nickel alloys
     Heading 7506 : Nickel plates, sheets, strip and foil
750610 Plates, sheets, strip and foil of nickel, not alloyed
750620 Plates, sheets, strip and foil of nickel alloys
     Heading 7507 : Nickel tubes, pipes and tube orpipe fittings
750711 Tubes and pipes of nickel, not alloyed
750712 Tubes and pipes of nickel alloys
750720 Tubes or pipe fittings of nickel
     Heading 7508 : Other articles of nickel, nes
750810 Cloth, grill and netting of nickel wire
750890 Articles of nickel nes