Software Products that must be installed on a ASYCUDA++ Client

NOTE : From version 1.15a, available since July 1999, ASYCUDA++ is fully compatible with Winsock and the TCP/IP products from FTP Software (now a a subsidiary of Netmanage) are therefore no longer necessary.

Each client must run

  • DOS 6.0 or later or Windows 3.1
  • PC/TCP Version 4.x for DOS and Windows (including the TSR-DOS Kernel) or OnNet16 Version 2.1 from FTP Inc.


  • Windows95/98
  • OnNet32 Version 1.0 from FTP Inc.

Development sites that are using the A++ development platform will need in addition

  • Windows95/98
  • Borland Pascal V7.x professional Edition
  • Database Framework and the Paradox Engine
  • Paradox for Windows (not required but might be useful)

Additional database software on the client is not necessary.