Software Products that must be installed on an ASYCUDA++ Server

The set of software products that must be installed on the server depends on whether the site is using the ASYCUDA standard system or it is developing additional applications using the A++ development platform.á

Operating System:

  • UNIX operating system (System V Release 4) including TCP/IP networking.
    A list of platforms to which the system has already been ported is available. If requested by a country the Geneva development center can arrange for ports to new platforms.

Development sites need in addition:

  • A network development system that includes an interface to the TLI functions.
  • C compiler


Asycuda is currently supporting Informix and Oracle databases.

Products required on Informix databases:

INFORMIX SE or OnLine Dev. Version 5.x or later

  • INFORMIX ESQL/C Version 5.x or later. Normal sites require a runtime license, development sites ESQL/C development instead.
  • Note: As of ASYCUDA Version 1.08 the INFORMIX SQL Development is not required any more. Development sites might still find it useful to have one SQL license.

Products required on Oracle databases:

  • RDBMS distributed with PL/sql option Version 7.2 or later
  • PROC *C Version 2 or later

We recommend to install the latest available version of the database software on the server.