Bosnia and Herzegovina

Customs Emblem Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina
General information :
Capital city :
Population (date) :
GDP per capita (date) : 
4,622,163 (July 2011 est.)
USD 6,600 (2010 est.)
Country Code :
Languages :
Alpha: BA, Num: 070
Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian
Major imports : machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuels, foodstuffs
Major exports : metals, clothing, wood products
Trade agreement membership(s) :
Fiscal year : calendar year
Monetary Unit :
1 convertible marka (KM) = 100 convertible pfenniga
ASYCUDA Project :
Title : Improvement of the ITA's operational capacity through the impl. of ASYCUDAWorld
Funding sources : European Commission
Start date :
Duration :
January 2014
24 months
Project Number
BIH/0T/CAX (EU 324-442)
Technical details :
ASYCUDA platform :
Additional Project Info :
The Indirect Tax Authority (ITA), created through the merger of the Customs Administrations of the Federation, the Republika Srpska and in the Brcko District, is in charge of Customs matters.

ASYCUDA++ is implemented at national level in 3 languages (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian) and 2 alphabets (Cyrillic and Latin):
- the ITA headquarters, in Banja Luka
- 4 Regional Customs Directorates, i.e. Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo and Tuzla
- 55 subordinated Customs Offices and Border Posts (see ASYCUDA Implementation Map below)

ASYCUDA++ is fully operational in all these locations:
- 100% of the declarations are processed through ASYCUDA
- 100% DTI (Direct Trade Input)
- updates of reference data (tariff etc) are automatically replicated from the ITA headquarters to all operational sites (Regional Directorates, Customs Offices and Border Posts) (an effective tool to apply the law nationwide in a consistent and effective manner)
- all customs regimes, including transit and warehousing, are operational
- all customs declarations are automatically consolidated in the ITA headquarters' database and subsequently used to produce accurate and timely statistics.

Additional documents and information:

- ASYCUDA Implementation map

ITA website: (Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian & English)